Sunday, August 30, 2009


After Android cps2 emulator, I pretty much stopped working on other projects.'s summer time...been busy with family...etc

Ok, first bad news...

I decided to suspend gp2x projects under debian/JTerm indefinitely and focus on Android side only.

JTerm has been withdrawn/unpublished from market already.

This is to avoid duplicate effort bringing on both debian and android project.
The debian/Jterm didn't bring enough people for me to keep pursuing and second, there are new android devices coming out but no root access. And even with root access+debian, people are struggling with package installation...etc.

Now, good news...i hope...

For those who purchased JTerm alrady, when they're available, I'll be giving out Jarcade which supports mame roms including neogeo and also the next emulator (not yet decided) after Jarcade for FREE!

I'm currently working on Jarcade and beta version should be ready in ~3 weeks and will get published to Android market after beta phase.



  1. Thanks JRIONI...

    What about the MAME project? Any news there? Will it be able to run games like Metal Slug?

  2. Jarcade will support MAME (.34/.35 set) roms which includes 1128 games + almost all NeoGeo games (except larger ROM sets).

  3. and games from PSX or Dos games?

  4. Sorry JRIONI, but are Metal Slug roms among the 0.34/0.35 roms?

    Also, any plans for PSX emulation? WM has a beautiful emulator running Tekken 3 and Gran Turismo 2 flawlessly:

    Thanks for answering our questions :)

  5. Yes, it plays metal slug.

    For psx, i'll provide an update later...

  6. Thanks JRIONI... Let me know your progress with the PSX emulator... I'm sure with Tegra and Snapdragon devices shipping, you'll have plenty more processing power for your emulators...

    I have a question... Tegra comes with 600 Mhz, but with a secrete Geforce GPU which plays Quake 3 at +30 fps, on the other hand, Snapdragon comes with 1 GHz of CPU, but can only play Quake 3 at 2-4 fps.... which one is better for your emulators (esp the heavy duty ones)? Thanks...

  7. For early arcade/handheld/1st gen (eg. snes/sega) game machine, it's all about CPU and memory speed. None of those emulator uses GPU except 2d filtering.
    For 2nd and later gen game machine (eg. ps1/n64..etc), graphics plug-in plays important role.

  8. Hmmm... well in that case I believe I should wait for Tegra 2 in April 2010 instead....


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