Monday, July 20, 2009

Android CPS2 Emulator Published!

Cps2 emulator (v1.0) has been published on Android market today!

Sister blog is branched out just to support this emulator.


  1. I donated, then I bought jTerm, now do I have to buy CPS2 Emulator?

  2. lol to the previous post. Lets continue to support jrioni and one day he may give us a playstation emu :P

    Got a problem though. When I load the roms the game will start but will exit out by itself very shortly thereafter. Most times I don't make it past the qsound screen

  3. flip79, i understand...
    for gp2x side, as before, all packages are free (mame will be the next one) but people's having so much trouble running it under debian/android..etc. So, i'll be more focusing on android side as i move on..

    thanks for your report!
    could you dump the logcat and send it to me?

    1. connect usb cable to g1
    2. adb logcat > log.txt
    3. email me this log.txt

  4. M..m...MAME????

    You mean the fully fledged MAME? The one that runs Metal Slug? Or something similar to eemame which only runs the very low-end MAME games?

  5. JRIONI,

    thanks for the hard work, and as you move on please don't drop gp2x supports(JT), can't wait to tried the android cps2 emulator :D


  6. Great emulator. I have just installed your cps2 emulator and i am very impressed.

    Runs well on the sfa3 rom i loaded with a slight bit of slowdown.

    Will you be constantly providing us with free updates like Yongzh (NESOID,SNESOID etc).

    Will the compatibility list be increased over time?

  7. Question what do you have cooking up next MAME? If so will we need gp2x. I would like to suggestion the following emulators since Snes,nes,and GBA and Genesis have already been done. How about a specific emulator for Neo Geo,Turbographix(PCengine),Dosbox,MAME. I think these are the best remaining emulators. I would love to be able to attach a usb pc controller for playing or if you could make a driver for the BGP 100 gamepad. Keep up the good work.