Friday, July 3, 2009

G1GP2x SNES Download

Hi, i haven't updated the public web site yet but for those who's following my blog, this is g1gp2x snes emulator.



Please refer here for game compatibility list.

Please note that it doesn't support Mario RPG and Star Fox.


Upgrade Jrioni Terminal to ver 1.6

1. Launch Jrioni Terminal and Boot Debian

2. Getting tar balls

cd /

3. Extract tar balls
tar xvf snes.tar

4. Put snes rom files under /gp2x/snes/roms (either zip or smc format)

5. Launch snes
cd /gp2x/menu
Press track ball down + Enter
Launch SNES by pressing 9

5. select "Load ROM" by pressing L or DEL.
and again select games by pressing L or DEL

6. Press 0 to exit the game.

7. Go down and select the last menu to exit the emulator.



1: volume down
2: volume up
8: select
9: start
0: exit

t: transparency choose

e: up
x: down
s: left
d: right

w: up-left
r: up-right
z: down-left
c: down-right

o: L Trigger
p: R Trigger
L: A
,: X
Enter: Y

Note: By default, settings are optimized. You can try to change it but it probably won't help you much.


I've been working on fixing audio problem but wasn't able to completely close out all issues.
So, you might hear some "tick-tick" sound or sort of jerky audio stream...from some games.

And one more thing, if you find display isn't working for some games, please try to press "Y" to toggle transparency hack.

And for those who's having a trouble seeing a character on some games (eg. super metroid), try "t".

It basically enables you to select which transparency layer to enable or not.

During game, press T and select A, B, X, Y to toggle which layer to enable or disable.
It's tedious...but In this way, you'll at least go through the scene and can enable it back later.