Saturday, June 27, 2009

Android Gp2x Java Porting

For those who want to stay with non-rooted g1, I will start working on Android app which doesn't require root access/debian.

It will take some time and lots pain with java stuff...but i'll get there.

CPS2 emulator will be the first one.


  1. Hey Jrioni

    I am in now way a developer. But I stumbled across this the other day. Google has released an NDK that allows you direct access to hardware and to compile native code libraries from C and C++...

    Hopefully that will help ease the pain of developing in Java

  2. Yup...i'm going through this stuff now...

    Performance will be a big challenge as I now have to go through android stack for both video and audio. And also, have to deal with a slower cpu as regular g1 users can't overclock...

  3. If you're HTC/Samsung/Sony/...etc engineer working on Android project, please do consider opening file permission for all kernel device node.

    And let the user to choose the power/cpu setting!

  4. YES i loved the seeing all the progress you have made with ur emulators, but was sadden when i found out that u needed 2 be rooted... but now im EXCITED AGIN!!!!!

  5. hope you will succeed, good luck :)
    on a side note, google engineers said that future NDK releases will include native access to audio and video...

  6. yes, that's good news...

    well bad news....i need it NOW..!!!

  7. BTW, for g1gp2x folks, don't worry...
    Your package will arrive on time..:)

    After finishing cps2 android app, I'll work on g1gp2x mame emulator.

  8. Sounds great. Thanks for all your hard work and support for your product.

    Also, are you going to release the snes emu officially?

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  11. Hello
    I have have been enjoying your emulators for a while. But i was wondering if you have considered porting GnGeo from the gp2x. It would run the Neogeo games faster than mame and support more games. We would also be able to play games that use raster effects, and load with console bios and maybe change the dip switches. At least it was, what i experienced on my Gp2x

  12. And also finalburn alpha would be great