Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GP2X Menu + CPS2 Public Release

Hi, GP2X Menu + CPS2 package has been released to the public.

Please visit here for complete instruction.

If you're beta-tester and had no problem using cps2, you can skip this version.
If you had a beta version but couldn't get it to work, please try this version.

Again, many thanks to beta-testers for their feedback and support!



  1. Paid app is not available in Hong Kong yet, is there any other way I can get Jrioni Terminal?

  2. Likewise, I'd love to play some MVC but I can't even find the app on the US Android Market....

  3. Jrioni,

    how do you run other gp2x apps, thanks

    I add them to gp2x folder but the menu doesn't see them, thanks again


  4. Jrioni,

    oh figured out how to add items the menu, but would like to know how to run them, they don't boot when I select it, so it seems I'm not selecting the right boot gp2x file.

    thanks for the help.