Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SNES Update

Hi, SNES emulator will go under beta-phase sometimes next week.
(...still fixing some audio issue)

I know there is snes emulator on market already but if you have gp2x running, please wait for this :)


  1. Just what I'm waiting for. Thanks for all the hard work you put into getting this done for the the public.

  2. Hi I don't want to be rude, but not only is there an Snes emu already in the market but SuperGnes is coming out very soon too. Although, im sure your gp2x Snes will be most compatible (and I will certianly use it), 90% of people will opt for Snesoid or Super Gnes because they are easy to run(thousands of downloads). What I'm trying to say is after this you should try skipping right to gp2x Psx4all development. That will really get people into paying $5 on the market for your gp2x terminal.

  3. Lance, thanks for your comment!

    I actually have psx4all working on G1..but very slow...with no sound...at this point, I'm putting my effort on things that gonna work the best.

    For Snes topic..well...first, i don't want G1 Gp2x folks to waste their money on Snesoid or SuperGnes.

    And not sure about SuperGnes, but Snesoid has a serious sound issue..(not sure it's been fixed now..) and wasn't stable when I tried (crashes time to time)

  4. any plans for a GBA emulator? that would be awsome, gba has the best of snes plus the gba game library. But this is some excellent stuff. keep it up!

  5. "At this point". I see. Here's looking towards the future.

  6. JRIONI,

    Just wondering how progress is on the PSX emulator for Android. Well you've published it 18/6/09 and it's 29/05/10 so a year has passed. It may have run slow on the G1, but now there are more powerful Androids like 1Ghz Nexus One (>x5 performance) and more efficient codes with Froyo (JIT on And2.2).
    As far as the maths go, PSX should be fullspeed with sound on the Nexus One. I mean Quake 3 runs near fullspeed (45-58fps) with sound on highest pixels (800x480) on medium settings. N64 should be possibly fullspeed with sound on low pixels (420x320). All with no background tasks to allow more memory load.

    I keep wondering what PSX emulation would be like on the G1.

    Any answers would be much appreciated :D