Thursday, June 25, 2009

G1 Gp2x GBA Emulator Early Look (no sound)

Ok...I started GBA project as many people asked about it..

It's in a very early stage...

It has no audio at this point but has a decent frame rate.


  1. looking forward to beta release! frames look fast. good work.

  2. niiice. still waiting on my phone to arrive but i will definately get this module.
    just wondering, is the g1 capable of handling a psx4all emulator at 100% frame rate with sound hardware wise?

  3. This is great, this is what I have been waiting for, when can we expect the beta, looks amazing

  4. Hello JRIONI,

    When you're done with the GBA emulator, can you show Donkey Kong Country 3 gameplay running in the demo video? It's by far the most demanding (and beautiful) GBA game...

  5. great a new GBA emulator, I always used the visual advance emulator, is so cool but with a lot of missing stuff like a link cable conecction or a better graphic accelarator engine.

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