Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JTerm on Android Market

I've just published JTerm, Jrioni Terminal Emulator on android market.

This is to bypass android framework and support gp2x mode (direct kernel interface, no Java/JNI/Runtime lib…etc) for all emulators/gp2x apps.

To toggle between Android <-> Gp2x mode, you need to press track ball down + Enter.
(assuming track ball is set to ctrl key)

This is for beta-testers only for now.
(you can buy it but public version will have to wait till beta-phase is over)


  1. So this application does not include any of the Gp2x stuff, correct? This just gets you to the terminal?

  2. What makes this different from a standard rooted terminal?

  3. Do I still need debian installed?

  4. yes, you still need debian.

    For 2nd comment, i'm basically bypassing the whole android stack and talking to kernel directly. in this way, i can run graphics+audio super fast. For this, jterm has a easy mode switch option to toggle (off for android) or (on for gp2x).

  5. This all sounds very confusing, what do i need to do to get my phone to play gp2x if my g1 phone is just an official 1.5 cupcake updated.

  6. 1. root
    2. install debian
    3. install this tool mentioned here
    4. install gp2x

  7. Anyways on grabbing a place with this beta testing?