Friday, May 29, 2009

Question from IPhone Owner

I received this question from one who currently owns iphone... (wow..great...even iphoner comes to my blog :))

I played with iphone before but don't have one...
so, decided to ask for your opinion on this... :)


Question you think the htc g1 is better than the iphone?, i asked u that, cuz im thinking on selling my iphone and buy one g1

Question you think someday the htc g1 will have many apps as the iphone owns?


  1. I think the G1 (I´m an owner) is much better than every phone today!

    If no flash light is okay for you :-)

    I´ve got nearly all apps i need and they all work great. There are comming out serval apps a day if you dont look every day in the market there will be after a few day so much new that you spend an hour to read about all of them.

    Before the G1 i had a N95 8GB and i thought it would be the best phone for long time! But the only 2 things i miss is the flashlight and the long akkutime.

    Thats from me I would tell this to him :-)

    the G1 Rocks now with fullspeed NES Emulator ant Genesis

    Navigation with AndNav2 works great for me in Germany

    Or Nav4All if you dont need Mapguiding

    For messenging i´ve got Hi Aim and Hi MSN cause both rock they dont lose the connection and my phone works great while having them on for about 14 hours.

    that from me

    have fun buying oune

    if you find mistakes have fun with them i´m just an german man