Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[CPS2 Update] Time for Hadouken! Shoryuken!

-Fixed screen flicker (very smooth... :)
-Fixed choppy audio problem...
-Fixed memory leak/bug... = no more crash ! (at least...for now) feature....@copyright+patent-jrioni :)

Add a hot key ( next to fwd/bwd key for easy Hadouken+Shoryuken!

Now, all fighting games are playable... :)..on G1...(at least...on my hand)

In this video, you'll find how i easily throw fireball and uppercut.

All beta tester, be ready, this thing will be out sometime next week...


  1. How do I join beta tester? Please email me at

    Im the owner of this blog

  2. Please click donate topic on the right and you become beta-tester when you make donation :)

  3. Im sorry if u already answered this question but is this going to be on the market... either way great job

  4. I was wondering if I'd have to find all the roms or are they going to be included? Also does this work on android 1.5(cupcake)? I've donated and I can't wait to test :)

  5. Are you using zip files or what types of files do you need I can't get any to play

  6. people, where can i find cps2hd ? I've got a milestone, with android 2.0, the cps2 doesn't work :( !!!

    Thanks you all, this is great!

  7. I've already send my name to your email, but i still didnt get the key from you