Saturday, June 6, 2009

pre-beta version

Hi, 1st beta version is out and please post your question/comment here.

If you're beta-tester but hasn't received email, please let me know.



As it doesn't support android 1.5, i can't really call it "beta" version.

so, i changed the title to pre-beta...


  1. Most have 1.5 now, so this initial version won't work. Waiting for update...

  2. Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately, I have 1.5, as the major part of Android users, now.

  3. yes, i understand...and i'm working on it now... :)

  4. I see :)

    Anyway I'm available to downgrade temporarely to 1.1 to test the actual beta. Currently I have JF 1.5 running on my phone. If someone want to suggest me what firmware/radio to "burn", to correctly downgrade, I'll do it.

  5. I'm getting a few ERROR: File not found or CRC32 not correct. "GFX1" when trying to build the cache on some roms.

  6. I was able to switch between JF 1.42 and 1.51 without need to wipeout.


    To MaxBlinkPx, which rom file were you trying to convert?.

    I haven't tried all rom files and there could be some rom files might fail.

    Please try or first.

  7. why don't you be a man and post your beta's for everyone to see. You are really being greedy about this. BTW I've already gotten a hold of a copy of your beta without donating. One of your loyal testers leaked it out on a forum.....

  8. Rob, you can donate $0.01 and still become a beta member.

    btw, i really don't want to see beta version flying around internet...:(

    this version doesn't even support android 1.5!

  9. Hi, I donated 10 bucks to your cause (cause the video was f... impressive :p), but I don't think I will bother to downgrade to 1.1, nor even install debian on my phone...

    don't be mistaken, it's not I don't want to play with your product, but I think you should better compile your project in the android source trunk to make a workable library and play with a jni integration rather than force users to install debian... after all, the guy behind nesoid and gensoid (and also the one behing g-arcade) has done it and has made quite
    some money, considering the number of downloads and the price of the application...

    If money is your prime motivation, go directly for a market release, and don't bother to play with debian

    my 2 cents

  10. Installing Debian on my phone isn't a problem: I already have it to play with Linux tools and desktop environment (yes, I'm a very geek!), but the downgrade to 1.1 is too much also for me :)

    Anyway I'll wait a 1.5 release. I'd like to underline the fact that Jrioni's work is free of charge, and he has the right to give it or not to anyone.

    So I don't see the point in Rob Loblaw's words: why didn't you write to Microsoft telling them that you found their Windows OS on a Torrent site, even if they tell not to copy the software?

    As a programmer, I understand the difficulty to release a standalone and fully working emulator, without the need of tweaking (debian, etc.): GP2X emulator isn't a NES (1983) emu, it requires full power from the phone, bypassing the hardware abstraction layer of the Android OS. Only this way can explain the amazing speed of the emulated games you saw on YouTube.

    If I can move an objection, I didn't appreciated the fact that jTerm on the Market isn't free, because I read it as a "tax" for people like me that donated you... more than $0.01. The only use of jTerm, by now, is to make your emulator work, so why do you ask beta (paid) testers to pay again, just to do our beta testing? I'd prefer a minimum donation requirement to get both jTerm and GP2X beta, it would be more honest.

    ... just my 2 cents ;)

  11. For JNI, yes i actually tried ndk+jni stuff couple month back but it didn't work out well...

    And have plan to resume this work later..

    For now, I'm focusing on android-debian project...


    To flip79, yes, as i said on beta-email, i'm terribly sorry that i didn't specify this at the beginning.

    I'll set up the right expectation for new beta testers...

  12. I donated too, but have not seen a beta. no harm no fould though, because I am not downgrading from 1.5- I will wait until you have a version for 1.5....