Saturday, June 6, 2009

HowToRoot + Debian Installation


Please follow this link if you're still confused about how to rooting your g1.



And for easy debian package installation, please follow here.


By the way, one step that I had to do differently is..

And also, I had to remove the first line in
su ./fsrw
#su ./fsrw

You can download the modified from here


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  2. Thanks for all the links, was able to get Debian on Cyanogenized Rogers Rom v3.3.

  3. hi, i been having trouble installing debian on 1.51 jf. I really dont know what i'm doing wrong... still a newbie at this, but when i enter chmod 4755 *, i get "unable to chmod bootdeb: operation not permitted". SO i went along and entered sh, and it showed me that debian is successfully installed... but I still can't use bootdeb. Is there something esle i'm missing??? Please help, you work looks awesome and i have donated already. Thanks

  4. nvm i figured out! GREAT WORK MAN! i'm downloading some of the roms right now. HOpe they play good. THANKS AGAIN!

    BTW for people with same problem in the future.. i just rename my bootdeb file to, and since i already installed it using the sh command, i just enter sh and I'm in!

  5. Same problem with chmod, any solution?

  6. Same problem with chmod, but I could not get debian installed. It does nothing after "sh"


    I have 1.51.. I might try downgrading to see if thats the problem.

  7. Yeah, if you have the CHMOD permissions problems, and you have 1.51.. this is what I did:

    Revert back to RC33 (US) and you will be able to install debian. After that, you can prob get 1.51 .. I havnt tried it yet tho

  8. formated sdcard with ext2 partition,

    rooted with JFv1.51_CRB43-ADP and CyanogenMod v3.4

    donwloaded debian installer, followed instructions:

    had problems with setting chmod 4744 * permissions,
    replaced with new above to sdcard,
    in android terminal as su, ran;


    installed fine, then ran;

    #sh bootdeb

    and started up great, as a noob myself learning simple linux terminal commands are usefull, for directory list;


    to see list of permission set to every file;

    #busybox chmod 4755 *

    thanks for your help!