Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Droid Support

Hi, cps2 and jarcade-lite now works on Droid.

For cps2, I've published new apk (cps2hd) to run natively on Android 2.0.
For Jarcade-lite, it's just another update.

For Jarcade, i plan to do an update later today or tomorrow.


After playing with it for a while, Droid isn't as bad as I initially thought...

I use 270 rotation option with d-pad..and it works pretty good.


  1. bought the emulator for droid. am i waiting for a passcode from you?



  2. i bought it with a transaction error, fixed it this morning and it states that it will download automatically, but doesn't show up on the market and its not on my droid1. did i just lose $5?