Thursday, November 5, 2009

Droid vs Passion

i actually deleted the previous post as it might not be a fair comparison at this point with "not-so-latest" firmware.

Anyway, here is my bottom line.

If you're in Verizon, and can wait, wait for Passion which will outperform Droid in many categories...

Wait till you can try both devices and make decision.

i'll post video to compare cps2 speed (fs level=0) on both devices.


  1. Yes, the Passion will outperform the Droid since it has 1 GHz processor. However, it doesn't have a physical slide-out keyboard. I don't see how you can play games without one especially snes, cps2, etc.

    I'm sticking with the Droid. It's the best well-rounded Android phone by far and it has a physical keyboard. The Droid uses pretty much the same processor and GPU as the iPhone 3GS. It shouldn't be that bad. But to each their own.

  2. Passion probably gets underclocked just like, it wouldn't be 1Ghz...that's my guess..and yes, Droid keypad is pretty bad..but better than nothing when it comes to playing emulator.