Friday, May 29, 2009

Question from IPhone Owner

I received this question from one who currently owns iphone... (wow..great...even iphoner comes to my blog :))

I played with iphone before but don't have one...
so, decided to ask for your opinion on this... :)


Question you think the htc g1 is better than the iphone?, i asked u that, cuz im thinking on selling my iphone and buy one g1

Question you think someday the htc g1 will have many apps as the iphone owns?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[CPS2 Update] Time for Hadouken! Shoryuken!

-Fixed screen flicker (very smooth... :)
-Fixed choppy audio problem...
-Fixed memory leak/bug... = no more crash ! (at least...for now) feature....@copyright+patent-jrioni :)

Add a hot key ( next to fwd/bwd key for easy Hadouken+Shoryuken!

Now, all fighting games are playable... :)..on G1...(at least...on my hand)

In this video, you'll find how i easily throw fireball and uppercut.

All beta tester, be ready, this thing will be out sometime next week...

Friday, May 22, 2009

G1 Volume

Ok...find a way to control volume with more levels.

Another thing is that some of sound problem is not audible through headset.

Speaker might be more sensitive to not-so-filtered-noise than Headset...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Things First...

Ok...i decided to focus on game emulator first...

It'll be too much and too late to get the whole gp2x package out...

CPS2 emulator is actually at beta quality and can be released along with mini UI in couple weeks.

MAME/SNES will follow after....

mplayer+vnc video streaming will take some time...etc

Root Access

One thing to clarify...

In order to run this, you need a root access and debian installed on your G1.

This was the link that I followed...

If you're serious about G1, get root access!

Thank YOU !!!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog!

And special thanks to those who made a donation !!!

It truly humbles me when people donate their money in this recession time.

You'll be automatically included in my beta-tester mailing list.
I expect first beta version will be ready sometime next month.

I'll keep you updated!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

VNC + Media Streaming Combo

Got vnc and media streaming working... :)

i can now vnc and control my pc to get VLC streaming video to G1.

Will post it on youtube soon.

youtube video - pre-alpha version

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mplayer update

mplayer works sort of....well...almost there.... :)
av out of sync...but it plays both video and audio well...

it even supports video streaming...very cool!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Donate Please!

Please help this project moving forward.... :)

Where is d-pad?

I really don't understand...why there is no decent d-pad on any phone/pda!
If you're considering "Game", d-pad is MUST!

HTC/Sammy/Sony...please step up...this is a big market.

GP2x porting in progress....

-debian booting awesome..!
-mplayer...semi working...
-cps2 emulator working...awesome!
-mame/snes emulator working...but sound isn't crispy like cps2
-work in progress...sega/gba